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Zonbak Solar Farm series employ's Zonbak's economy series solar thermal panels and galvanized mounting stand for ground mount installations. The galvanized stand can be either bolted to pavement or concrete with anchor bolts or anchored in the ground. They can also be mounted on the roff of a commercial building if proper anchoring is provided for. Because the panels are so lightweight and flexible, they do not require an expensive rigid support frame similar to those required with photovoltaic panels.

Why Solar Array?

Most stuctures have only limited exterior surface or walls that are appropriate for solar panel mounting. A Southern exposure is required to deliver optimal power output. With ground mount panels an array of solar thermal can be installed in a yard, paved surface, or flat roof and oriented in the optimal direction of the sun. In addition, if the panel anglecan be adjusted, then panel angle can be changed of the course of the solar seasons for even higher power output. You achieve optimal performancence when the panels track the suns transits the sky from east at dawn to west at sunset.

Even a small amount of open space can generate large amounts of solar power. Just 100 square meters of yard has approximatelt 100kW/h(440k BTUs) of expolitable energy the sunr. More than enough to heat an average sized home on a sunny day.


  • Frame: high temperature polypropylene
  • Size: 96" x 36" x 2"
  • Weight: 20 lbs
  • Solar absorber efficiency: >98%
  • Typical output power: 1400 Watts (4700 BTUs)
  • Minimum service life: 25 years

Solar Farm Series: $199/each

Includes stand. Shipping and handling separate.

cloase up arm port
Simple Adjustment to change angle of panel based on sun's angle and time of year. Connect felexible duct work easily with formed 6" air duct connectors.
Solar farm stand incopratesd a strong galvanized steel frame that can bolted to a hard surface such as pavement, mounted on a flat roof, or anchored in the ground..
Typical temperature response of a solar thermal panel in a space heating application. Power will typically peak at around noon.

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