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Zonbak Authorized Glass Dealers


Zonbak Architect Series solar thermal panels require glass delivered from a glass dealer. Most areas in the United States are served by local shops, with large metropolitan areas often having a dozen or more to choose from. Since glass from dealer to dealer will be identical, the best practice is to choose the closest one. If you make a purchase from us online and select to be contacted by nearest dealer, then you should receive an email with a price and delivery from your nearest authorized Zonbak glass dealer. Most dealers will take orders via the phone with a credit card.

You can choose standard glass or tempered or "safety" glass. If the Zonbak Architect series panel isinstalled in a high pedestrian traffic area or within 15' feet from door you should select tempered glass. Local building codes may vary so check with the building department in your town for any questions.



glass PDF
Download our PDF file and send as an attachment in email.
Or you can just give vendors the required dimensions.
glass_body Truck
Glass is delivered to dealers and distributors via specialized glass delivery vans or trucks. Shipping glass via standard trucking requires expensive and hard to handle crating of glass doubling or sometimes tripling the cost.

Become a Zonbak Glass Dealer


If you have a glass company that supplies plate glass to residential and commercial customers register to become a dealer. We will add your company to our database and whenever a cutsomer purchases from us, we will send you their contact information. For no cost to your firm you can expand your sales of plate glass. Use the link below to email us. In subject line enter "dealer register"


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