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Zonbak's economly series breaks new grounds in performance and price in solar thermal panels. Actually, they are the most cost competive of all solar technologies, producing over 16 times the output per dollar than your typical photovoltaic solar panel. Instead of expensive and heavy glass, Zonbak Economy Series panels employs a patented tensioned Teflon film glazing. Measuring just .001" thick and weighing less than 5 ounces, the Teflon film is perhaps the best optical material for solar thermal panels. The film permits over 98% of the sun's energy to pass through it (vs. about 85% or glass). Of the 98% of the solar radiation that strikes the solar absorber, more than 98% will absorbed and 65% then be converted into heat. Teflon is impervious to all effects of weather and can last more than 25 years in operation.

Because we use all flexible and thin materials we are able to manufacture one of our Economy Series panels in under 60 seconds. This means we are able to deliver ground breaking solar thermal panels at a groundbreaking price. A typical solar photovoltaic panel that generates a DC voltage output produces approximately 250 Watts of power and costs approximately $250, or a dollar per Watt. Our Economy Series panels produce 1400 Watts (4700 BTUs) of heated air and cost approximately $149, producing useful solar energy at just 10 cents per Watt.



  • Frame: high temperature polypropylene
  • Size: 96" x 36" x 2"
  • Weight: 20 lbs
  • Solar absorber efficiency: >98%
  • Typical output power: 1400 Watts (4700 BTUs)
  • Minimum service life: 25 years
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Zonbak economy panels can be installed on any existing exterior wall.




Economy Series: $149/each

shipping and handling not included.
economy series
Zonbak's lightweight Economy Series Panels can be mounted on the exterior wall of a home, on a fence or on a stand as provided by our Solar Farm design.
Zonbak's patented fim tensioning technology uses a simple design based on spring tensioning to turn what would be a flexible thin transparent film into a rigid film glazing for a solar thermal panel.
power graph
The ouput power from a solar thermal panel tracks the typical ouput power from teh sun, reaching maximum at around nooon each day.

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