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Architect Series

Zonbak's architect series is primarily designed for new construction, rehabs, and commercial applications. However it can be installed in existing homes if siding is removed or another flat surface is provided. Zonbak will ship you an assembly kit which is then installed on site. Installation time is typically under 30 minutes. The architect series uses 1/4 thick glass, either standard or tempered supplied by your local glass dealer.

Why do you ship without the glass?

Shipping a large 8' x 3' glass rectangle long distances is extremely expensive. On average it costs over $300 and requires special freight services. The cost of shipping our panel kit without the glass costs only $39 and can be delivered by UPS ground. Your local glass company can deliver the required glass to your installation site, often for free. Simply call them up order your glass. Have it delivered on same day you install your Zonbak panel. The typical cost for standard glass is approximately $140 and tempered glass $200.

Standard vs. Tempered glass

Standard glass is the glass used in most windows. Tempered glass is the glass used in most glass doors. Tempered glass shatters into small shards and will not injur someone if they happen to break glass. You should use tempered glass if your panel is to be installed in a high traffic area or within 15 feet of a door. Check your local building codes. But if you are not sure, then simply go with the tempered glass. You will often have to order tempered glass well in advance because it is first cut then tempered in a special process. Typical delivery is about 2 weeks.



  • Frame: Extruded aluminum
  • Coating: Powder coated paint either white of Zonbak blue/grey
  • Size: 96" x 36" x 2"
  • Weight: 11 lbs (without glass)
  • Solar absorber efficiency: >98%
  • Typical output power: 1400 Watts (4700 BTUs)
  • Minimum service life: 25 years




Solar Thermal Panel Kit: $249

Zonbak Smart Duct Valve: $49


Shipping and handling not included. Requires glass panel delivered from a local glass supplier. Typical cost $140 to $200 per glass sheet.

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duct vale open duct valve closed

Zonbak's automated duct valve regulates airflow through our Architect series panels to deliver optimal solar heat performance. Heat is delivered as required based on outside temperature, household interior temperature, and Zonbak panel interior temperature. Once you set valve temperatures you can leave them unattended for life of your home.

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We ship our Architect series as easy to assembly extuded aluminum rails that are easy to install with less than a dozen screws required. Assembly time is often under 30 minutes or less. Once installed a Zonbak Architect Series panel provides a lifetime of free solar heat for your home.

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