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Brief Summary: In this video we describe how we achieve the goal of being the lowest cost solar power source.

Keywords: solar conversion efficiency, Watts per meter squared, selective solar material, solar thermal, forced air convection.

Detailed Description: There are hundreds of ways to measure solar power. It can be Watts/m2, conversion efficiency, Kilowatt hours, etc. But Zonbak measures its overall performance on the simple equation:

killowatt hours

It is kilowatt hours per dollar. The dollar being the total cost of the panel and the installation and the operating cost of the technology. Zonbak focuses as much on the cost as it does the technology. Our manufacturing, distribution, delivery, and installation strategy evaluates every dollar of incremental cost and strives to eliminate it. Take delivery, for example. Because our panels are so lightweight

Solar Foils

Aluminum foils used in solar thermal panels are 1/25 the cost of a silicon solar cell.

we can ship them workdwide via UPS or other standard ground, air or sea transportation. Beause they weigh less than 20 lbs they costless than $20 to ship. Six photovoltaic panels would weight close to 200 lbs and cost hundreds of dollars to deliver.

We assemble a Zonbak panel from a multiple thin foils and films that are joined together into one unified panel. The weather-resistant materials (stainless steel, Teflon, aluminum) means the panels have 50+ year lifespan. If damaged they can be quickly replaced. Because all the materials are "roll stock" we can highly automate the manufacturing process. It is also a design that is benefits from "economies of scale", meaning the more panels we make, the less each incremental panel costs to manufacture.

To further minimize cost, all our panels are purchased and shipped directly to the customer. Our product is not sold through retail channels because it adds additional cost (retail markups typically range for 20 to 50%). The complexity of installation is minimal meaning that HVAC, builders, or home contractors can easily install Zonbak panels.

availabel soon screen


low cost wall

Lopw cost wall mounted Zonbak
solar thermal panel.


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