passives solar design
Passive Solar House Design

Figure 16: Example of a house that employs many passive solar design technique to acheive optimal solar performance. From the north side garage to the south roof overhang, the house will maximize solar gains and minimize heat losses (insolation).

passive solar checklist

  • √ lot with a south facing exposure

  • √ east west building orientation

  • √ minimal southern obstructions

  • √ majority of glazing on southern wall

  • √ mininimal glazing on northern wall

  • √ minimal glazing on east-west walls

  • √ shading on east west exposures

  • √ roof overhang to block summer sun

  • √ low wall on north face

  • √ storage, garage and least used rooms on north walls

  • √ common rooms (kitchen, living-room) with southern exposure

  • √ isolated entryway with vestibule

  • √ no skylights unless they can be shaded from summer sun

  • √ distance from glazing to thermal mass less than 15 feet

  • √ clerestories to extend light further into room

  • √ non-storage walls light colors to refelect light

  • √ Decidious trees and shrubs to block summer sun



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