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Zonbak was founded in 2012 to provide a low cost alternative to non renewable sources of energy. Our current global annual energy consumption is equal to the average solar energy reaching the Earth's surface in one hour and 16 minutes. Add to it an extra 30 minutes and you'll have enough energy for the annual global consumption in 2020. In other terms, the sun produces approximately 7000 times more power than we consume globally. The challenge is to harness that power. Our goal is to make that possible.

Zonbak was founded by John Sylvan, the cofounder of Keurig, and inventor the Keurig one cup brewing system. Sold in 2015 for $14.9 billion, Keurig is now over a $2.5B/year business that dispenses over 25% of all coffee sold in America. The Kcup revolutionized the coffee industry and in doing so made Green Mountain the top percentage gaining publicly traded stock in America from 2007-2012, besting Apple Computer. Because of the environmental impact the kcup has, however, John Sylvan dedicated his talents to engineering a "virtuous" product that would not harm the environment and help solve global warming.

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Zonbak founder, John Sylvan, was also cofounder and inventor of the Kcup. .


Zonbak was first formed to refine a century's old technology to convert heat to either electrical power or mechanical movement. We designed an ultra modified, high efficiency Sterling engine, or what we call a Linear Thermal Engine. When connected to an electrical generator (alternator), the engine produces electricity. When connected to a refrigerator compressor, the engine can effectively turn hot air in to cold air, permitting solar energy to used for air conditioning applications

However to convert heat, you first have to capture it. That is where our Solar Thermal Panels came into existence. Since no company had developed a feasible, and cost effective solar thermal panel we decided to do it ourselves. So we named our company Zonbak, which in Dutch means "sun bucket" . To manufacture our patented solar thermal panels, Zonbak has also had to develop a high-speed automation equipment. Our current euipment is designed to manufacture a solar thermal panels in under a minute at 1/4 the cost of photovoltaic solar panels.

In addition to Zonbak solar thermal panels we are devlopiing other designs and technologies that can dramatically reduce our releiance on fossil fuels.

Other works in progress:


Linear Thermal Engine

A novel linear thermal engiine employs rotating disks in a stack of individual sterling engines to maiximize heat transfer. The surface area for heat transfer is 100 times greater than a single piston sterling engine improving performance by a factor of ten or more


Whisperchill Hybrid refrigerator

By moving the all of the refrigeration equipment outside of a home and circulating refrigerated air via insulated ducts refigerator performavce is greatlt improved. In teh winter when temperature falls below 20 degrees a whisperchill hybrid refrigerator could operate from a single 9V battery for over 24 hours.


Zonbak Microcooler

Based on a sterling cycle, the innovative microcooler provides refrigeration in a package the size of a small tea saucer. Instead of a large refigerator compressor, a refigerator can use multiple coolers, which can be easily replaced with no more difficulty than cjhanging a lightbulb


Einstein Air Conditioner

Because solar heat is fundamentally free and abundant, Zonbak is working on a modified Einstein refrigerator to convert hot air into cold air. Orginally patented by Albert Einstein in 1940, the design uses heat to evaporate a liquid, and when it cools and condenses it produces chilled air. Abandoned at the time of the invention of the modern electric refigerator compressor because of it's low efiiciency, the technology is now becoming competivitive with free solar heat.


Zonbak was garanted its first of 4 patents pending in 2016. The patent covers the design and manufacturing of ulta low cost solar thermal panels.

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